Abigail Hancock Calligraphy - Brooklyn, New York Calligrapher


just a few little things…

I specialize in copperplate (a beautiful and traditional cursive-style letterform) and use black ink unless another ink color is specified.  I am happy to color match to your invitation or offer some suggestions.

To get started, please contact me regarding details of the project you need help with.  You will be contacted with pricing as well as an expected turn-around time.  Two weeks is standard for most orders, although this may vary depending on the size of your order and my schedule.  If you need your order delivered sooner than the turn-around time quoted to you, rush orders may be accommodated for a $50.00 fee.  Please inquire about availability.  Please note that a rush order means an increase in hours worked, NOT a decrease in calligraphy quality.

A 50% deposit is due to begin work and to hold a place on my calendar.  The remaining balance is due upon completion of the order.

When it is time to begin work please submit address and name lists as one document, either in hard copy or delivered electronically in Word.  If you already have your list in Excel you can use the mail merge tool in Word to get them in the right format.

The following is a sample of how you should format the addresses on your list:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
123 Orange Grove Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90038

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Inner Envelope)

I will copy your wording exactly.  If you would like each name prefaced by a salutation (Mr./Mrs./Miss./Ms.) or you would like a word spelled out and not abbreviated, please write it exactly that way in the document.  Please refer to the Etiquette page if you need help with this.  Rarely, I will need to abbreviate for the sake of spacing on the envelope.

Place card & escort card lists will also be copied exactly to match your wording.

Please include at least 10-15% extra envelopes/place cards for any additions, errors or changes.  For rush orders, please include 15-20% extra.

Any errors that I make will be corrected free of charge.  All other mistakes will be charged the original rate.

I am based in New York City but am more than happy to assist clients from all over the world.  If shipping is required, shipping fees are due upon completion of the order.

Because all paper responds differently to ink, traditional calligraphy pens and inks have to be adapted occasionally to work with your envelopes. While a degree of this is to be expected, major problems due to either very smooth and slick or highly textured paper may be subject to an additional charge.